Rider Spotlight: Issac!

ImageIssac is an OSU grad student studying the evolution of social behavior and one of the newest additions to the team!  Here’s a bit about him:

How long have you been in Cbus? Although I’m a townie (Dublin Coffman grad), I’ve been back in Columbus for a bit over four years.

Why do you ride? It’s fun.

What type of racing do you do? Right now primarily Mountain Biking and Triathlons. Looking to get into Cyclocross this fall and some road races in the spring!

What is your favorite ride/route? Locally anything east of New Albany, my favorite ride anywhere was the bike course on the Boulder 70.3

What was your first bike? Besides the childhood Huffy? A Specialized Hard Rock.

What bikes do you currently ride? Fuji Roubaix ACR 3.0 (main squeeze), Specialized Hard Rock Sport, Cannondale ST400

If you could go for a ride with 1 person dead or alive, who would it be? The Wright brothers had a bike shop, so I bet one of them would be fun to ride with!

What is your favorite thing about cycling? Its a fun, healthy activity, and generally people that do it are a lot of fun to hang out with!

Most memorable race moment? Too many to narrow down!

What is your favorite thing about cycling? Post ride beverages!

Who is your favorite sponsor? All of the above!

Other fun facts: I’m a runner turned triathlete turned cyclist – that still enjoys them all!

Cincy3 CX

An exciting weekend is kicking off in a few minutes for the OVCX series.
Cincy3 is back in full force for 2013, part of the prestigious USA Cycling ProCX calendar. The starts of the sport of cyclocross will all be represented in Cincinnati, joined by the Cyclingdirt live coverage crew, and Behind the Barriers TV! You can check out videos from Ryan Trebon, Katie Compton here!
And don’t forget to pre-register for Cap City Cross Number at Smith Farms. It’s sponsored by us and we’re going to have some great pre-registration prizes, awards prizes and lap prizes throughout the day!
Mikey’s Late Night Slice will be slinging pizza all day and we’ll have prizes from Taste of Belgium, Middle West Spirits, Kreme Nut Company and others!

Black Diamond Gravel Challenge

Last Sunday, Patrice and Ginger headed into south Ohio’s coal country for the Black Diamond Gravel Challenge. It was a mixed group of folks headed into the gravel-filled hills.
Black Diamond Gravel ChallengeBlack Diamond Gravel Challenge

The fastest of the packs quickly took off as others like us, rambled along. The course was very fun and we were holding a good personal pace.

Black Diamond Gravel Challenge

Black Diamond Gravel Challenge
At the lunch stop:
Black Diamond Gravel Challenge

After the lunch stop we headed away from the park, made a turn down into the valleys and after a few miles were saw no one else. We saw no course arrows. We went up and down into a holer to come up to a dirt road with a ‘no trespassing’. We stopped and asked for directions but the folks couldn’t really figure out where we needed to go either….
Black Diamond Gravel Challenge
We went back out of the holer, sat infront of a church on the highest point we could find and pleaded to the clouds to bring us cell serivce. Time passed and finally we heard rumbling in the distance- finally a car!! We flagged down this preacher and his wife who were pushing 90 years old. They graciously invited us in and slowly deciphered through satellite internet where we needed to go.

About 30 minutes later we made it to the finish line, so, so greatful.
Black Diamond Gravel Challenge

We didn’t finish as expected, but it was definitely a fun day!

Rider Spotlight: Kari!

1235925_10201988692463854_592883292_nKari is a special ed. teacher whom works with students with mild disabilities in grades 3 through 5.  She and her husband Noah (who rides for Backroom Roasters) have been in Cbus 9 years. They currently live in the Upper Arlington area but have also lived in the Grandview area.

Why do you ride? I love being outside and pushing my limits. I started biking b/c it was a way to spend more time with my husband. Then I had to quit because I had pushed my body too fast, too far and had some knee issues. I spent about two years focusing on running, building up supporting muscles for my knees and legs. Once I got those issues worked out, I came back to cycling and it’s been my main “thing” for about two and a half years. I started cyclocross because my husband was doing it and dragging me to races with him and I started mountain biking to support and improve my cyclocross skills. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with them both.


What type of racing do you do? I race cyclocross and mountain bikes. I think mountain has quickly become my true love.

What is your favorite ride/route? I love riding mountain bikes at Lake Hope, John Bryan (go to Young’s Golden Jersey Dairy Inn afterwards, you won’t be disappointed!), and Versailles State park in Indiana.

What was your first bike? I had a Specialized Sirrus which quickly got sold in favor of a drop bar handlebar bike. I couldn’t keep up with my husband and friends on the hybrid and my butt hurt!

What bikes do you have? 2014 Raleigh RXC I cannot say how much I adore this bike! It functions as both my road bike and my cyclocross bike. It’s amazing.
2008 Full Suspension Stumpjumper This is my favorite mountain bike. 2008 Redline Monocog flight, this is my 29er hardtail.  Some type of Orbea- my single speed, getting around town, won’t be too terribly heartbroken if it got stolen bike was a lucky ebay find. No idea what year or model but I do love the way it handles.

If you could go for a ride with 1 person dead or alive, who would it be? I would love to have Mr. Daniel Newhart back in Ohio and ride with him some more!

Most memorable race moment? At my first Cyclocross race at Lionhearts down in Cincinnati, there is a stair section. I dismounted OK, carried my bike up the stairs OK, but on my remount I totally missed the saddle. This is the area where ALL the spectators were sitting of course. This adorable old lady in a pink, puffy paint kitten sweater cheered for me every lap after yelling, “Good job! You got back on your bike” from her lawn chair.

What is your favorite thing about cycling? The people. I did a 6-hour mountain bike race series in Cincy this summer and I LOVED the people. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and helpful. They truly want to help you become a better rider…even if it means you’ll someday beat them in a race. And getting dirty is always fun!

Love this pic of @hutsonk09 from this weekend's cap city cross race! #cyclocross

Who is your favorite sponsor? Jeni’s! I’ll take ice cream any day over any other dessert or food in any season or any weather!

Other fun facts: We currently have a monster dog (black lab puppy currently weighing in at 85 pounds) and a well behaved dog (9 year old fluffy black dog) and a horribly stereotypical Siamese cat. I also enjoy knitting and running

OMBC Mohican!

 photo Action341.jpgThe forecast for this past Saturday had shown a 30% chance of rain so I was hoping that we could get the Mohican State Park OMBC race in without getting wet. I arrived about 1.5 hours before the race start and pre-rode the beginning and end of the course without getting wet, but 30 minutes before the races were set to start the skies opened up. It poured for about 20 minutes solid!! Being newer to the mountain biking and still getting used to racing, I waffled for a few minutes about whether or not to ride since the trail was now wet, but in the end decided to ride. (I was partially swayed by a friend’s 17 year old daughter who showed up to race and wouldn’t race unless I was also going too.)

By the start of the race the skies had cleared and the racing began. The 6 Novice Women, myself included, set off for the start of the race. In true OMBC style we had a killer hill at the start of the race. This forced us all off our bikes for a good fast hike with the bike. We got a little spread out on the hill, but there were a few of us pretty close together at the top of the hill and 2 or 3 of us were bunched together for a couple of miles. Apparently, Mohican is known for draining quickly and Saturday didn’t disappoint. There were only a couple of slightly muddy patches on the Novice route. After the first couple miles the only other woman I saw again was my friend’s 17 year old daughter. I stopped to help her put her chain back on at one point and she and I then traded 3rd and 4th places several times. In the end she was the one who knocked me off the podium, but it was nice to see a younger woman come out and race!