2013 Cap City CX #1 is in the books!

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Cap City Cyclocross series kicked off Saturday morning with prime cross weather.
Team Six One Four sponsored the race, also and Ohio Cup Race and put together the course- classifying the venue “flat with lots of turns”– I think it was best described as ‘mud and water’…  Here’s what Denis had to say about the race (following photos courtesy of Susan Hackett) :

Summit Vision started the Cap City Cross Season with a sloggy bang. Let’s just say the day started out wet and only got more wet as the first few races started. The race organizers as well as the racers didn’t expect this much rain and to much chagrin of the riders, it was an amazingly muddy race. The race through the slog was interesting and many had to adjust their cycling techniques to deal with areas of 4 inches of mud and water. Most riders spilled, if not just once, but multiple times during their races.

Summit Vision took its toll on all of the Jeni’s Riders and made it difficult to finish for some. Both Patrice and Amy raced Women’s 3/4 with conditions at its worst for the day forced both to finish early. Patrice with a knee injury that reared its ugly head again and Amy’s pedal actually disassembled itself mid-race for her first ever DNF. WHAT!! Needless to say, these conditions you might say were ruthless.
amypll jenis
 Dan Antoon and myself raced Men’s 3/4 after the rained stopped. We were a sloppy mess. By the end it was hard to distinguish rider from a creature from the black lagoon.
 By the end everyone was drying out after their mud baths and the event was a success, well despite Summit Visions property, which was in shambles.
More photos and video of the race can be found at the Cap City Cross Website.
Summit Vision 9-21-2013Summit Vision 9-21-2013
Team Playboy:
Summit Vision 9-21-2013

John held down the Trek tent, servicing and cleaning bikes while drinking copious amounts of coffee. Aside from cycling, Kari was out crushing it at the Hocking Hills Indian Run!

This weekend is an away week for Team Jeni’s with folks heading to Cleveland and Bloomington with their cross bikes!

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